Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sicily is such a beautiful region of Italy.  I want to go back and spend more time here to enjoy the wine growing regions and spend leisurely time in Taormina.  We just didn't have enough time. 

When we first arrived to Taormina, we could get a clear view of Mount Etna.  It is still a live and active volcano so you can see the smoke/steam coming out from the top.


When you go into town, how cute is this place?  It was exactly what I pictured in my head for a small Italian town.  It just seemed so romantic somehow.

The little alleyways were all beautiful.


We randomly stopped by Ristorante Gambero Rosso for a quick snack.  It was a good pick.  The pizza was yummy.

After seeing this place, I wish I had a balcony with citrus and flowers growing from it too. 


After we checked out Taormina, I scheduled The Godfather tour for us because there were quite a few spots where the movie series was shot from.  This is quite embarrassing to say but I have never watched any of The Godfather movies so I didn't know what I was looking at. I just remember that there was a famous wedding scene and it was filmed in the little street pictured below on the left.  Does anyone recognize it? 

I love the pastel colors in the shot below on the left.  It is one of my favorites.

I didn't pay attention to info provided on the tour but I did love seeing all the things that grew from the walls.  There were fresh capers that grew on vines....


And fresh jasmine that smelled so incredibly good.  My mind wanders a lot.  Haha.  Don't remember much of anything other than the capers and jasmine.   


These roads were made for donkeys not cars.  Can you tell?


We finished the day with some lemon granita from another place shot in the movie.   I must watch the movies now. 


leila brewster photography said...

love love love! :) LOVE ALL OF THEM! :)

Right-travel.com said...

Sicily in Italy is really a great place and you make it more attractive with your post. People love to see this place after reading your post and watching your photography. Thanks for all information and places you provide about Sicily in your blog.

Monica said...

thanks leila! that means a lot coming from you.... hello miss photographer! haha =)

thanks right-travel.com! sicily is such a gorgeous place. i definitely could spend an extended amount of time there.

Kathy said...

I felt like I was with you on the trip because you did such a nice job on the pictures! Beautiful!

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