Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kefir Grains Week 1 Update

Okay, this stuff is pretty amazing.  I've only been drinking about 8 ounces of fresh kefir milk for 1 week straight and my skin isn't itchy from allergies anymore and believe me, that is a pretty significant change.  Every day, I'm constantly scratching my thighs after taking Gracie for a walk outside.  Something happens when I'm exercising outside because the pores on my skin open up and causes constant itching.  My friend, Gina, (the one who gave me the kefir grains) also has skin problems but with eczema and it has completely gone away drinking kefir milk consistently every day and her face skin looks dewy!  I'm gonna keep on drinking this stuff that is for sure.  This is the gift that keeps on giving because the kefir grains grow so fast! 

Here is a picture of it from last night.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Works amazing, looks scary, but im excited to try it! Thanks for passing on the gift that keeps on giving Mons! <3333^^ Vicki

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