Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm only a couple days away for leaving to NYC and then to our European cruise so I'm going to take a break from writing in here to finish packing, squeeze in a couple more workouts and play with my lil Grace Grace.  We're pretty much going on our dream honeymoon to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Monaco, France, and Spain and I know that all Mat and I are going to talk about every day is how much we miss our baby girl.  If only we could take her with us! 

I've never shown how long Gracie's tail is. It is extraordinarily long!  The breeder usually docks the tail on a cockapoo but our breeder chose not to and we're so glad she didn't.  We heart it and everything about her. We're definitely going to miss her to pieces. 


I promise to take tons of traveling pictures to post when I'm back in September!


DrunkOnShoes said...

omg i'm jelly belly! tek and i have yet to go on our "honeymoon"... sigh... i shall live vicariously through urs for now. HAVE FUN M+M~!!!!!

Monica said...

what?!? you and tek should totally go on a honeymoon! for some reason, i think that mat and i feel more married after going on one. haha!

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