Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry but I don't have a post for you today!  I had such a fabulous time over the weekend that I did not get a chance to put together.  Hope you guys had a great weekend!  Here is a totally random picture from Saturday.  It reminds me of the wonderful summer we are having =)


Cyn said...

I was wondering if you were gonna post today, because you were in SD over the weekend! Haha. So I figured out how to get my blog started, although there is a LOT to learn still. I did't even know I could even leave a comment here without having an account until people started commenting on mine!

You're gonna have to teach me a lot of stuff! Is there anything you have to do in order to become blog buddies? LOL :)

Monica said...

yeah the weekend was very fun and busy! i love SD and it really isn't far at all from where we live.

yeah most ppl don't know that you can comment without an account. do you have google reader? most people read blogs through there because it consolidates all the blogs in 1 place. i usually do that when i'm trying to keep up with other blogs. i will put you on my google reader for sure!

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