Friday, August 12, 2011

Orange, Ginger, Carrot Juice

Starting off the morning with fresh juice is such a treat!   I usually get 5 to 8 lbs of organic oranges during orange season per week.  It sounds like a ton of oranges but crazy enough.... Mat and I always finish it!  While I will completely miss the sweet like candy, super juicy navel oranges that just went out of season, I try to embrace whatever I find at the farmers market.   This past week I got a bunch of valencia oranges that just began its season.    Because their season just started, they were a little tart so I thought it would be perfect to make juice with and sweeten it up with carrot juice.  I had ginger leftover in my fridge from the chicken tikka masala I recently made so I threw that into the juicer too.


5 medium carrots peeled
5 lbs valencia oranges peeled
1 ounce ginger root peeled

I think this is the easiest way to peel an orange with a knife.  Trim the ends off of the orange so you have an even surface to place the orange on the cutting board.   Cut off orange skin from flesh like the picture shown below on the right.

Lucky for me I have a fancy Breville juicer but you can use any juicer.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  It just has to work.  The colors of the juice are so pretty.

Whenever I make fresh juice, it always has foam on the top.  Does your juicer do that too?  It was a weird phenomenon to me when I first juiced from my juicer.


Is this summer going by fast or what?!?   I'm trying to enjoy the last weekends of the summer here as much as possible since we will be out of the country for a chunk of August to September.  This weekend, we are heading to SD to enjoy time with all our cousins, enjoy the sun and beach at La Jolla, and hang out in Gaslamp.  Hope you guys have a lovely weekend too!

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