Friday, June 3, 2011

We're Ready for the Weekend!!! Gracie too!

We are off to Lake Mead today for a weekend of boating, jet skiing, sun (with SPF of course) and loads of fun with a pair of our besties!!  The weather seems to be perfect for our outdoor activities.  Yippee!

Even Gracie and her BFF, Paris, are going boating with us so we bought them cute little life jackets.  This is Gracie's little life jacket. 

Safety comes first especially when it affects our little munchkin! She has her puppy eye look in this picture.

If you are curious, we got the cute doggie life jacket on Amazon here.


I also wanted to share a few images from the Memorial Day Weekend BBQ at our close friend's house this past Sunday.  It was a mini birthday celebration for one of my husband's best friends.  We first started off with carne asada tacos, nibbled on cupcakes and other goodies....

Then, Gina's brother smoked 4 different dry rubs for the ribs in his fancy smancy smoker for 5 slow cooked hours!  It was quite the feast.

I would  love to have a smoker of our own for big parties.  I'm sure my husband would be delighted to hear that I want to add to my existing kitchen gadget collection and my gadget wish list that includes a wood burning pizza oven and kangen water filter.

Have a great sunny weekend people!  

1 comment:

Dandelion and Grey said...

OMG Gracie is TOO much! That sounds like a PERFECT weekend, Monica! Enjoy :]

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