Friday, April 29, 2011

Just the Two of Us

My hubby and I are heading off to Vegas this weekend just the two of us... yay!  It's just nice to get away to realize how it was before we got married and just have time alone. 

Also, I'm becoming obsessed just like everyone else of the Royal Wedding.  I thought Kate's dress was just GORGEOUS.  I didn't expect for her to go with something so traditional but it looks SO right on her and did you see her little itty bitty waist?  She is absolutely stunning and her little bouquet of lily of the valley couldn't be more understated beautiful.  And I think only princesses and queens should wear tiaras on their weddings days.  I said it and I probably offended some ppl!  But honestly, honestly!  Reality check here.  It only looks right on them. 

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