Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Just in case you are curious about what I put away in my giveaway boxes I thought I should post this.  Homemade gifts are great, thoughtful gifts for friends and family...well, at least I think so.  I try to do it every year when I have the time.  All the people who ended up signing up for the giveaway were my personal friends so I decided to give away the boxes to everyone who signed up. 

I finalized on these three recipes to put in my cookie tins.  They were tested by my kitchen and passed.  =) 


Here are the links for the recipes!

Lemon ricotta cookies seemed to be everyone's favorite!  It is one of my favs and I don't have a sweet tooth so I love the lemon-y lightness of the cookie.  Plus, the texture is soft from the cheese. 

These chewy chocolate chip cookies are totally scrumptious and my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Just how I like my chocolate chip cookies....perfectly soft and chewy!  They are semi-technical to make because the recipe has weight measurements so you have to use a food scale.  You also have to refrigerate the dough for an hour before you bake it but it is so worth the effort!  I cannot say that enough.  The results are awesome.  You won't believe you even made these yourself after you have a bite.

Last but not least, I put ancho chili rosemary roasted nuts in tin because not everyone has a sweet tooth so nuts were an easy choice. Definitely check this recipe out! 

If you are curious, I purchased these non-toxic cookie tins from The Container Store.  I found the velvet ribbon from MJ Trim.  And, I got the cellophane bags at Sur La Table so the contents inside the tin wouldn't be a total mess by the time the receiver got the box in the mail.  

So 'til next year!


kawang1 said...

Thanks again for the goodies! They were delicious and fun to eat, hahahahaha.

Oh Sweet Escape said...

glad you and chris liked it! :)

Karista's Kitchen said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I was so busy this holiday season I didn't get the chance to prepare goodies for friends and family. These are darling... Maybe I can make them for a New Year's surprise! Happy New Year Monica!

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