Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Christmas Bubble Wreath

Please call me Martha from now on.  I don't even recognize myself and I don't know how this whole domestication thing came about.  I was one of those teenagers that had an insanely messy room with clothes strewn across the floor.  I never ever made my bed and had blond and blue highlights in my hair.  I would eat Doritos for lunch and sour watermelon gummies and ice cream for dinner.  Now, I cook at home and make Christmas decorations in my free time.  Hello, my name is Martha. 


This was my original inspiration from Pottery Barn.  It costs $79 and I obviously did not want to pay $79 for a wreath.

24-inch faux pine wreath
Glue gun & glue sticks
Variety of Christmas ornaments
Ornament ties or floral wire

Tie the ornaments around the wreath with either ornament ties or floral wire (you will need wire cutters if you use wire).  Start with the big ornaments first and then the smaller ones.  Glue the ornaments to the wreath and let it dry overnight.  Trim the ties with scissors. Check on the wreath the next day to ensure that the ornaments are secure.  Tie the ribbon on the top and you are done! 

 1 1/2 to 2 hours

24-inch faux pine wreath - $4
Glue gun & glue sticks - $7.50 (I bought it from Michael's and had a 50% off coupon)
Variety of Christmas ornaments - $20
Ornament ties or floral wire - Free (the ties came with the ornaments)
Ribbon - Free (I had some leftover from another project)
Scissors - Free
Total $31.50

These are the supplies.


I was originally going to buy wire to do this but then I noticed that the ties were included in the box of ornaments so I decided to use that instead.  I bought the ornaments and faux pine wreath at Target.

I went a little crazy with the ornaments.  It looks like a big bubbly Christmas wreath to me now but I like it :)


katie carlin said...

thank you so much for sharing this!! it looks like a fun and manageable project for a not so crafty girl!!

xx  Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

and thank you for your sweet comments on daily crush!

Karista said...

What a great idea! My 13 year old and I are always looking for fun creative holiday projects. So beautiful! Thanks Monica.

Katie I KCandCo said...

What a GREAT idea! I particularly love the glittered bulbs! ;) P.S. Thanks for stopping by KC And Co Blog!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

It's so pretty!! I love all the crafts with the shiny ornaments! thanks for linking up!

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Cuteness - and a great DIY! Makes me want to do this with all my Ikea ornaments now that I don't have a jar to display them in anymore (it got crushed to death in our move to TX!).

PS Bravo on the chevron liners purchase!!! I think I might have to join you now that you shared that discount code. Many thanks! xo

Maridel said...

easy and affordable - the kind of project i like! great site you have going, glad to have seen it on bloglovin. I'll be sure to follow! =D


Anonymous said...

oh man. Forgot to enter into the contest. dang it. :( In the other hand, um how amazing are you? And yes I can witness to the dorito and gummy bear eating hs girl... and just 5 years ago, you had crackers to give me as a "meal" Ahh yes. How things change. Martha :D haha LOVE YOU. and LOVE LOVE LOVE this. -Ryann

Oh Sweet Escape said...

thanks so much for all your sweet comments! :)

Sweet Kat's Creations said...

Trying to imagine you with blue highlights haha! That project looked like a lot of fun!

d a n d e l i o n and G R E Y said...

i love this, monica! and i was cracking up about your pre-martha life! i can't imagine you with those highlights. amazing!

p.s. i owe you an email! coming soon!

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