Friday, November 4, 2011

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

My friend and her husband sent me a gift just because.  I really don't know why God has blessed me with such sweet, thoughtful friends but I do and I am so incredibly grateful.  They sent me and Mat the hot chocolate mix from Mindy's Hot Chocolate and chocolates from my favorite chocolatier, Vosges.  I just went to Mindy's recently and posted it here.  

So this is what heaven tastes like... it is perfect on a cold, rainy evening with my dog curled up against me on the couch.  

The cocoa tastes exactly like it does at the restaurant.  

I was curious so I tasted the cocoa mix itself and it tastes like little crumbles of dark chocolate with cocoa powder.  I cannot put my finger on it.  They must have crack in it.  It is rich and divine. 

While I was drinking my cocoa, I noticed that the sunset was really pretty this evening.  I think I'm having one of those reflective Oprah ah-ha moments.  Breathe in a little deeper and slower, trying to soak in the simple things, and enjoying myself and my cocoa moments.  I'm so happy it's the weekend.

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