Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I accidentally deleted my pictures from the Moroccan tagine with potatoes, peas, and artichokes I just made.

While I was making the tagine, I would repeatedly turn my camera on, take a picture, turn my camera off not thinking anything of it.  But as soon as I was ready to upload my pictures, I turned my camera on and all the pictures were gone and my camera said, "No image" when I turned it on play.  My camera deleted ALL the pictures on my memory card when I turned it off.  Luckily, I troubleshooted the issue.  I ejected my memory card and put it back in and my camera seems to work just fine now.  Usually, I would be really upset about the situation but for some reason I'm not.  I feel somewhat grateful that my camera didn't do this on my travels abroad next month.  That would have been pretty horrendous. I'm definitely buying a new memory card that's for sure.

Anyhoo, as soon as I found out that the pictures were forever gone I went straight to the freezer for my Haagen-Daas ice cream.  I have 3 different flavors in there...vanilla bean, green tea, and pistachio.  That's how I "live a little."  Haha.  I try to be strict with my diet but not TOO strict you know.  My husband taught me that.  It is my first time trying the pistachio flavor and you HAVE to try it.  It is soooo incredibly good!  It sorta tastes like butter pecan but with pistachio bits in it.  Genius.

See?  I think I already completely forgot about my lost pictures just thinking about my ice cream!  I can be so simple minded.


Kathy said...

Look what you did I need to go get some of that ice cream!

vicki said...

haha I like how you went straight to the ice cream after you found out you deleted all your pics. When you come to Chicago, we're going on a field trip to Black Dog Gelato, and you are going to love it:)

Monica said...

@kathy: you have to try it!!

@vicki: i'm already excited to try black dog gelato! we're definitely coming the 1st weekend of oct for a wedding. i haven't bought the tickets yet but i will soon! yay!!

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