Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Farmers Market Sandwich

A good restaurant will try to find the freshest ingredients to serve to their patrons and cook seasonally.  I try to apply the same principles at home because it really does taste the best and makes a world of a difference.  I got a couple beautiful heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market, red leaf lettuce, a cucumber, fresh baked sour dough bread and made a veggie sandwich.  I just get whatever looks good that day.

Makes 1 sandwich

Mix together
2 to 3 tbs mayo
2 basil leaves julienne

Spread mayo mixture on 2 slices of bread
Place washed red leaf lettuce, peeled cucumber slices, tomato slices on the bread

How easy is that?  I sound like Barefoot Contessa.  Lol! 

By the way, is there anyone else reading Bossypants?  I am listening to the audiobook during my commute.  Tina Fey narrates it and she is sooooo hilarious.  I have been laughing out loud in the car by myself the past week or 2. 

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