Thursday, September 29, 2011


Our last stop in Greece was the island of Zakynthos.  It's a quiet island where a lot of Italians and Spaniards come to vacation.  


There isn't as much history here compared to the other places that we visited but there was one story that I do remember that the tour guide told us.  During World War II, the mayor and bishop of Zakynthos refused to obey Nazi orders to surrender the couple hundred Jews who were living there and hid them throughout the hills and villages of the island.   The mayor and the bishop were the only 2 people killed at the time and they saved the lives of the innocent Jewish people.  It must have been a completely different world.  I can't even imagine that in modern day. 

We visited a little village more inland and I bought some local olive oil and honey.

They sold red wine in plastic bottles.  That is a new one for me.

All the houses had potted herbs sitting outside.

There are donkeys everywhere in Greece.  This one was happily eating some bread.

If you ever go to Greece, you have to try tzatziki and a frappe.  It was a good little afternoon snack.


There wasn't that much to do so we headed back to the cruise ship early for some relaxing by the pool and a nice dinner to end the evening.  The food on the ship was really, really good cruise food.  I know that I drank my monies worth of wine and Mat ate his monies worth of food.  Mat reminded me of a pregnant lady in her 2nd trimester with all the food he consumed. 

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